My name is Chloë, a sophisticated, elegant and refined woman, yet not aloof but friendly and outgoing. I’m a natural universal match when it comes to people. Having a broad cultural background whilst taking into consideration the aspects of my vocational framework, it isn’t hard to comprehend that i’m fluent with
all kinds of people and from any level of society.

Wheater you are an elite captain of industry, a dilligent and dedicated businessman or a wild young bachelor.
Whatever your dreams and desires, I can provide what you envie. I’m the perfect companion, from a businessmeeting, a dinnerdate or even a seductive arm-candy to show off your friends in a nightclub.
The epitome of your wishes, the quintessential escort you want. All of this fused together with a very open minded and liberal view, a gracing character with cosmopolitan experiences and an inborn curiosity for the world, will make me the ultimate choice for your (work-related) trips or leasure vacations.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call +32(0)489/82.40.50

xxx Chloë